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The Truth Marketing Platform For Founders
       Grow Your Community Organically With Us

A TRUTH FOUNDER: ˈtru:θ faʊndə(r)ˈ- (noun.) is described as someone who understands that

their truth is their superpower. And has committed to founding and operating a venture or

organisation driven by a clear personal truth story, a why, and a mission statement that inspires

a community culture & loyal following.  

Our Mission Is To help all Founders clearly communicate and amplify their Truth Stories; From 20 Truth Questions they answer to be featured in our next newsletter; So they can grow their communities & attract quality opportunities from our growing Co-Found Community.  

Join Over 15,000+ Subscribers To Our Newsletter, Where we send you Founder Interviews & Truth Tips

Direct To Your Inbox; For you to gain insight, And learn the Truth about the person behind the venture.

Welcome To Truth Founders!

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