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Tom Schwabe 🇩🇪

''I don't overthink, I Just Keep Moving. I believe this underscores the importance of action & progress over perfection''

Tom is the Founder of FORTI300 - An Innovative Software Solution That Combines AI-driven Insights & Automated Actions To Optimize Cloud Cost Management. He has taken the challenge to answer our 20 Truth Questions, For us to get some insight, And learn the Truth about the person behind the venture.

I'm Searching For:

People with great ideas who can become potential Co-Founders.

My TRUTH Story:

1. INTRODUCE YOURSELF IN THE THIRD PERSON TO A CROWD OF 10,000+ PEOPLE? As the founder of FORTI300, Tom has harnessed his profound expertise to build an innovative solution that optimizes cloud infrastructure costs. He grew up in Cologne and is now based in Berlin, making things happen.

2. WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF A TRUTH FOUNDER? A Truth Founder is a person who simply does what they say they will do.

3. WHAT EVENT OR EVENTS HAPPENED TO YOU THAT INSPIRED YOU TO BECOME A FOUNDER? The decision to become a founder was largely inspired by my belief in the importance of making the most of my time on this planet. I have always wanted to live life intensely, embracing all it's ups and downs. I sought a path that would push me beyond my comfort zone, where I would be challenged to learn, grow, and adapt continually.

4. WHAT IS YOUR MORNING ROUTINE & RITUAL? The first thing I do is hydrate, drinking three glasses of water to rejuvenate my system after a night's rest. Following hydration, I engage in a 45-minute workout session. Afterwards I have an espresso for breakfast.

5. WHAT MANTRA,QUOTE,LINE OR PHRASE DO YOU SAY OFTEN TO INSPIRE AND MOTIVATE YOURSELF? "Keep On Going'' I don't overthink, I just keep moving. This simple yet powerful phrase serves as a reminder to persist in the face of challenges, to maintain forward momentum, and not to get paralyzed by over-analysis. This underscores the importance of action and progress over perfection.

6. WHY DO YOU THINK PEOPLE SHOULD CARE ABOUT YOUR VENTURE? People should care about my venture because it directly addresses a critical issue both for businesses and our environment - waste. When it comes to cloud computing, a significant concern for many companies is unoptimized costs. Our solution not only improves the bottom line for these businesses but also promotes responsible usage of cloud resources, reducing unnecessary consumption and environmental impact. By helping companies become more efficient, we're simultaneously pushing for a more sustainable approach to cloud technology. This dual-purpose solution makes our venture not just financially beneficial, but also environmentally conscientious - a win for businesses and our planet alike.

7. WHY DO YOU THINK YOU ARE THE ONE TO MAKE YOUR VENTURE A SUCCESS? I believe I am equipped to make our venture a success due to a unique combination of my technical expertise, leadership skills, and a deep understanding of the industry's needs. My extensive experience with cloud technologies, project management, and software development equips me with the technical proficiency required to understand the intricacies of cost optimization in cloud computing.

8. WHAT DOES SUCCESS LOOK LIKE FOR YOU PERSONALLY AND FOR YOUR VENTURE? For me personally, success is about more than just financial gain or achieving a set goal. It's about the journey of constant learning, overcoming challenges, and making a tangible impact.

9. ANSWER THESE AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE - I BELIEVE... I DON'T BELIEVE... I believe in the power of continuous learning and adaptation in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

10. WHAT'S ONE DECISION YOU MADE AS A FOUNDER THAT COMPLETELY CHANGED THE COURSE OF YOUR JOURNEY? Spending about 900 hours on a bootcamp to learn how to program.

11. WHAT DO YOU REGARD AS YOUR GREATEST SUCCESS PERSONALLY & AS A FOUNDER? I recently learned how to program within a very short timeframe. That was a crazy ride, And from a personal development perspective it was an absolute success.

12. WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT YOURSELF AND WHY? I'm someone who's full of hope. My beliefs help me to keep on going.

13. WHAT'S ONE THING YOU CAN IMPROVE ABOUT YOURSELF, AND WHY DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE NOT DONE IT BY NOW? I want to improve my sales skills. I spent some time developing my software skills, but now it's time to talk to potential customers. I'm working on it.


15. ON A SCALE FROM 1 TO 10 - 10 BEING THE BEST. HOW WELL DO YOU THINK YOU AND YOUR TRUTH STORY IS CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD BY YOUR COMMUNITY? ( WHY NOT 10? ) I would rate it as an 8. While I believe my story and mission are generally well-understood by my community, there's always room for improvement. The nature of our work, particularly the nuances of cloud cost optimization, can be complex to fully grasp. Furthermore, the pace at which cloud technology and its related issues evolve often means our narrative needs to be updated and communicated frequently.

16. WHO DO YOU MOST ADMIRE AND WHY? All the people who make us rethink what's possible to try to push humanity forward.

17. DESCRIBE YOUR VENTURE - ELEVATOR PITCH STYLE? Your business is running on cloud technology, but managing costs is becoming a challenge. You may not know where to start with saving, or how to take action and when. That's where my software comes in. It's designed with an intelligent AI algorithm that not only provides you with a comprehensive overview of potential savings areas but also suggests the most effective actions to take. But that's not all - the real game-changer is its ability to automate these cost-saving actions based on your schedule.

18. WHAT IS YOUR CURRENT MISSION STATEMENT OR MESSAGE + MARKET FIT FOR YOUR VENTURE? Empowering businesses to harness the power of cloud technology efficiently and cost-effectively. We strive to provide an innovative software solution that combines AI-driven insights and automated actions to optimize cloud cost management, thereby enabling businesses to focus more on their growth and less on their expenses. Our ultimate goal is to make the cloud a catalyst for business success, not a hindrance due to cost concerns.

19. WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO TO UNWIND AFTER A LONG WORK DAY? Having a nice dinner, or doing some sports does the trick for me.

20. WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU TREATED YOURSELF TO AND WHAT DID YOU CELEBRATE? I went to Fuerteventura to combine sun and great food with a deep dive in coding. The combination of the serene environment and the satisfaction of finishing my app made it the perfect treat; Nourishing both my professional ambitions and my personal well-being.


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