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Thomas Weidlich 🇩🇪

''We need more conscious entrepreneurs to rise to the occasion to shift the world into a regenerative paradigm. We need to unite''

Thomas is the Founder of Blue Ocean Business Club - The Leading Global Movement & Community For Conscious Entrepreneurs And Leaders. He has taken the challenge to answer our 20 Truth Questions, For us to get some insight, And learn the Truth about the person behind the venture.

My TRUTH Story:

1. INTRODUCE YOURSELF IN THE THIRD PERSON TO A CROWD OF 10,000+ PEOPLE? Born in East Germany, Thomas is a team sports addicted human embracing meaningful connections. He spends his free time creating purpose and passion driven projects.

2. WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF A TRUTH FOUNDER? Someone whose actions are guided by a deep sense of truth clartiy. With values such as authenticity, honesty, And being a united role-model.

3. WHAT EVENT OR EVENTS HAPPENED TO YOU THAT INSPIRED YOU TO BECOME A FOUNDER? Being born in east Germany, All we had was family and community. When the wall fell, And that broke apart, I learned how important it is to me. It sparked my drive to become a Founder and create my own community, with the people of my choosing. Today, the Blue Ocean Business Club is a Mecca for Conscious Entrepreneurs and Leaders.

4. WHAT IS YOUR MORNING ROUTINE & RITUAL? I have a set of tools I use that I tune into, And choose the ones I am most excited about for that day.


6. WHY DO YOU THINK PEOPLE SHOULD CARE ABOUT YOUR VENTURE? Because my venture genuinely cares about them.

7. WHY DO YOU THINK YOU ARE THE ONE TO MAKE YOUR VENTURE A SUCCESS? My life's history. The deep inner work I've done. The places I have traveled. The people that have influenced me the most, And my DNA and spirit have gifted me with a unique skill-set that is impossible to duplicate.

8. WHAT DOES SUCCESS LOOK LIKE FOR YOU PERSONALLY AND FOR YOUR VENTURE? Spending a lot of time in higher emotional frequencies, such as gratitude, love and joy; Having a profound skill set to process and transform lower frequencies. A sense of progress and growth. Building wealth and being profitable. Adding relevant value to the greater good to make this world a better place.

9. ANSWER THESE AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE - I BELIEVE... I DON'T BELIEVE... I believe humanity has a chance to unite and rise to the occasion. I don't believe politics or the current lobbies will be the ones guiding us to a higher level of consciousness and a brighter future. I believe in kindness. I believe we need to shift the mainstream to meditation, activity, education, and learning how to regulate their nerval system.

10. WHAT'S ONE DECISION YOU MADE AS A FOUNDER THAT COMPLETELY CHANGED THE COURSE OF YOUR JOURNEY? I completely stopped working as a consultant, And focused 100% on building my community.

11. WHAT DO YOU REGARD AS YOUR GREATEST SUCCESS PERSONALLY & AS A FOUNDER? Having built my current team. Having created the ''Inspiration Days'' as a magnetising live event.

12. WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT YOURSELF AND WHY? My kindness and my emotional intelligence. I'm an action-taker, a risk-taker, a great listener & a great leader.

13. WHAT'S ONE THING YOU CAN IMPROVE ABOUT YOURSELF, AND WHY DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE NOT DONE IT BY NOW? Setting boundaries faster; And saying no to people who drain my energy.


15. ON A SCALE FROM 1 TO 10 - 10 BEING THE BEST. HOW WELL DO YOU THINK YOU AND YOUR TRUTH STORY IS CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD BY YOUR COMMUNITY? ( WHY NOT 10? ) 5 - Because I'd like to make space for more questions to the ones who are curious.

16. WHO DO YOU MOST ADMIRE AND WHY? Tim Leberecht, The Co-Founder of the House of Beautiful Business. He is so humble, And brings together the most amazing humans on the planet.

17. DESCRIBE YOUR VENTURE - ELEVATOR PITCH STYLE? The loneliness rate is at an all-time peak, Especially among entrepreneurs. Trust is fragile, Especially in governments and institutions. We need more conscious entrepreneurs to rise to the occasion to shift the world into a regenerative paradigm. We need to unite. And we also need to be cared for. The BlueOcean BusinessClub is that home for them. The place to connect, unite, grow and play.

18. WHAT IS YOUR CURRENT MISSION STATEMENT OR MESSAGE + MARKET FIT FOR YOUR VENTURE? My Mission Statement: Becoming The Leading Global Movement For Conscious Entrepreneurs And Leaders.

By providing:

1. World-class facilitated networking.

2. Soulful experiences.

3. State of the art personal & professional growth ( for individuals & organisations )

4. Co-create projects.

5. Attractive investment-opportunities.

19. WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO TO UNWIND AFTER A LONG WORK DAY? Play board games with my partner. Puzzle, Sports, Massages, And listening to music.

20. WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU TREATED YOURSELF TO AND WHAT DID YOU CELEBRATE? I celebrate every day, And that is my treat to myself.


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