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Rick Budel 🇳🇱

''Traveling solo around the world taught me that I was capable of doing anything as long as I set my mind to it''

Rick is the Founder of ÉTICOS - A Revolutionary New Product & User Experience That Aims To Eradicate Single-Use Plastic On A Global Scale. He has taken the challenge to answer our 20 Truth Questions, For us to get some insight, And learn the Truth about the person behind the venture.


ÉTICOS successfully raises a pre-seed round to disrupt the global Beauty & Personal Care Industry

My TRUTH Story:

1. INTRODUCE YOURSELF IN THE THIRD PERSON TO A CROWD OF 10,000+ PEOPLE? Rick Budel is the founder and CEO from Éticos, headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Rick Budel's unwavering commitment to our planet is transforming the way we approach our daily bathroom routines. With Éticos, Rick aims to eradicate single-use plastic on a global scale, starting with their groundbreaking flagship product: a premium refillable deodorant accompanied by plastic-free refills and 100% clean ingredients, that are safe for daily routines. What sets Rick apart is not just his innovative solution, but also his forward-thinking business model. Éticos operates on a subscription model, making sustainability a seamless part of our lives. By providing easy access to eco-friendly alternatives, Rick is empowering individuals to make a tangible difference in reducing plastic waste.

2. WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF A TRUTH FOUNDER? My defenition of a Truth Founder is an individual who embodies authenticity, transparency, and unwavering commitment to their vision and values regardless what it takes.

3. WHAT EVENT OR EVENTS HAPPENED TO YOU THAT INSPIRED YOU TO BECOME A FOUNDER? I think for me it was a combination of things. My parents have a friend that is an entrepreneur, and as a young kid, I was always impressed with someone who was an entrepreneur, so I wanted to become one too one day. Traveling solo around the world taught me that I was capable of doing anything as long as I set my mind to it, this event eventually made me decide to pursue my early childhood dream.

4. WHAT IS YOUR MORNING ROUTINE & RITUAL? I wake up at 6:00a.m. Do some emails, Go to the gym; Then have breakfast before I start my work day.

5. WHAT MANTRA,QUOTE,LINE OR PHRASE DO YOU SAY OFTEN TO INSPIRE AND MOTIVATE YOURSELF? You can do anything as long as you set your mind to it.

6. WHY DO YOU THINK PEOPLE SHOULD CARE ABOUT YOUR VENTURE? For Investors: This is a great opportunity where the demand for our product is rapidly growing, And we will be one of the first players in the field.

For Customers: A better-for-you product that does not contain harmful or synthetic ingredients, And is sustainable.

7. WHY DO YOU THINK YOU ARE THE ONE TO MAKE YOUR VENTURE A SUCCESS? I have the right mindset, determination, and grit, Combined with having the leadership and team-building qualities for success.

8. WHAT DOES SUCCESS LOOK LIKE FOR YOU PERSONALLY AND FOR YOUR VENTURE? Success for me personally means being able to do what I love, which is building a great business with great people, And to create a positive impact on customers and the planet.

Success for my venture means making a positive impact globally and being a top 3 player in our space.

9. ANSWER THESE AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE - I BELIEVE... I DON'T BELIEVE... I belive that humans are capable of achieving anything.

I believe in the importance of positive reinforcements.

I believe in love.

I believe teamwork makes the dreamwork.

I believe in chasing my dreams.


11. WHAT DO YOU REGARD AS YOUR GREATEST SUCCESS PERSONALLY & AS A FOUNDER? The greatest success for me personally is being surrounded by the people I love the most: my family, my girlfriend and my friends.

As a Founder: Achieving where we are today with Éticos. Building a great founding team and network, As well as producing a cutting edge product and formula that over delivers compared to anything else on the market.

12. WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT YOURSELF AND WHY? My positive mindset. I believe a positive mindset is key for any human being, regardless of what occupation you have or what your goals are in life.

13. WHAT'S ONE THING YOU CAN IMPROVE ABOUT YOURSELF, AND WHY DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE NOT DONE IT BY NOW? I can improve in many ways and won't stop learning until the day I pass. One thing is that I make too little time to read self development books.

P.S. The Best Book Ever! ''The hard things about hard things.'' - by: Ben Horowitz

14. WHAT'S THE BEST PIECE OF ADVICE YOU'VE EVER RECEIVED OR GIVEN, OR BOTH? I can't pinpoint an exact quote. But mainly boils down to what I have been writing about: Believing in your self, chasing your dreams and knowing that you are capable of anything.

15. ON A SCALE FROM 1 TO 10 - 10 BEING THE BEST. HOW WELL DO YOU THINK YOU AND YOUR TRUTH STORY IS CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD BY YOUR COMMUNITY? ( WHY NOT 10? ) 9. I think our story truly resonates with our community because it is such a relevant topic: climate change, plastic soup, synthetic ingredients, clean beauty etc.

Why not a 10? I believe there is always room for improvement.

16. WHO DO YOU MOST ADMIRE AND WHY? I admire my parents most because they have been my biggest role models and source of inspiration.

17. DESCRIBE YOUR VENTURE - ELEVATOR PITCH STYLE? Éticos will eliminate single-use plastic from all bathrooms worldwide. Starting with our first product, a premium refillable deodorant with free plastic refills and made with 100% clean ingredients.

18. WHAT IS YOUR CURRENT MISSION STATEMENT OR MESSAGE + MARKET FIT FOR YOUR VENTURE? Empowering people to use better-for-you personal care products to eliminate single-use plastic from every bathroom.


I workout. I watch Netflix. I like to be with my friends & family.

20. WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU TREATED YOURSELF TO AND WHAT DID YOU CELEBRATE? I bought myself a new pair of running shoes, And completed a run to celebrate ;)


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