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Alexandros Dohn 🇬🇷

''I had a resonant inner voice filled with passion that began to express itself''

Alexandros is the Founder of K2MATCH - A Curated Ecosystem That Develops Early Stage Startups & Scale-ups Into Market Leaders. He has taken the challenge to answer our 20 Truth Questions, For us to get some insight, And learn the Truth about the person behind the venture.

I'm offering:

If you're an early stage startup and raising capital. We offer Truth Founders the opportunity to pitch in front of Investors in Düsseldorf, Monaco and Dubai.

My TRUTH Story:

1. INTRODUCE YOURSELF IN THE THIRD PERSON TO A CROWD OF 10,000+ PEOPLE? He is compassionate for founders backing great visions across EMEA. His dedication lies in nurturing great ideas, securing capital, and unswervingly supporting startups on their journey to success.

2. WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF A TRUTH FOUNDER? A Truth Founder in my understanding is an individual who is authentic, transparent, and honest in their pursuit of entrepreneurship. This person embodies integrity in their business practices, seeks genuine relationships, and prioritizes the mission and values of their startup over mere profits. They are dedicated to their vision, accountable in their role, and transparent with their team and stakeholders. Above all, a Truth Founder remains true to themselves, their team, their mission, and their community, navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship with steadfast honesty and resilience.

3. WHAT EVENT OR EVENTS HAPPENED TO YOU THAT INSPIRED YOU TO BECOME A FOUNDER? I believe we are each bestowed with unique talents and a distinct vision or mission. There wasn't a specific event that sparked my journey into entrepreneurship. Rather, from my teenage years, a resonant inner voice filled with passion began to express itself, driven by various topics that deeply intrigued me. Entrepreneurship, in my view, begins with a dream—a vision of creating a better version of existing circumstances, of seeing the world from a different, improved perspective. Throughout this journey, the act of stumbling, failing, and then standing up again has been a source of profound inspiration. These experiences have imbued me with resilience and a deeper understanding of what it means to pursue a vision. Yet, the most compelling part of this journey has been the people I've encountered. The interactions and shared insights have been a rich source of inspiration. The ability to work with such driven individuals, and the opportunity to positively influence people's lives, have been the most rewarding aspects of being a founder. In essence, my journey into entrepreneurship has been a tapestry of lessons, interactions, and resilience—all woven together by an enduring passion to create, improve, and inspire.

4. WHAT IS YOUR MORNING ROUTINE & RITUAL? I begin my day often with a sense of gratitude. I reflect on the extraordinary people who grace my life, those who enrich and inspire me. My mornings are a symphony of shared laughter, lively discussions, and the comfort of heartfelt conversations. I make it a point to reach out to the people close to me, engaging in conversations that are both jovial and meaningful. We exchange ideas and share stories. This morning ritual, for me, serves as a great reminder of the richness of my relationships and the joy they bring into my life.

5. WHAT MANTRA,QUOTE,LINE OR PHRASE DO YOU SAY OFTEN TO INSPIRE AND MOTIVATE YOURSELF? The mantra I frequently turn to for inspiration and motivation hails from my German roots: "Dicke Bretter bohren," literally translated as "Drilling thick boards." This phrase encapsulates the essence of perseverance and resilience, reminding us to persist even when faced with thick and seemingly impenetrable barriers.


My approach to life and business relies on growth, innovation, and shared joy. I thrive in stepping into the unknown, exploring territories I've never traversed before, and constantly challenging myself to innovate when difficulties arise. My drive to succeed is not merely for personal accomplishment, but to create meaningful value for others. The joy on this journey lies in its very undertaking, in the shared experiences, trials, triumphs, and in the precious bonds formed along the way.

For me, success isn't just a destination to arrive at, it's woven into the fabric of the journey itself. It is about partnering with the right people, inspiring and learning from each other, and fostering an environment where we can all thrive together. Success, in my eyes, is defined by the joyous and fruitful journey we embark on as a team, each step bringing us closer to our shared vision.


Because It's a call to never give up, no matter how daunting the task may seem, recognizing that many capitulate in the face of adversity. I truly believe that success is about tenacity and unwavering commitment; it's about not quitting, not falling back. The power lies in remaining steadfast, marching on through the storms and, above all, relentlessly drilling through those thick boards until we break through.

8. WHAT DOES SUCCESS LOOK LIKE FOR YOU PERSONALLY AND FOR YOUR VENTURE? Success, for me, is a multifaceted occasion that extends beyond the realm of traditional business metrics. It is deeply personal and ingrained in my journey as an individual and as a founder. At its core, success is about bringing vision and ideas to life, and doing so alongside the remarkable people we encounter along the way. It is about embracing the journey and finding joy in the highs and lows that shape our collective narrative.

In the startup world, while KPIs are important, I believe that true success transcends these tangible benchmarks. It manifests in the form of robust relationships, built on a foundation of trust, faith, and mutual respect. Success, in my eyes, also involves fostering a culture of love and camaraderie, and creating a venture that reflects these values.

For my venture, success is more than just financial prosperity. It's about making a meaningful impact, fostering a sense of community among team members, and cultivating an environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and inspired. It is about creating a venture that stands as a testament to shared dreams, collaborative effort, and the transformative power of perseverance and love.

9. ANSWER THESE AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE - I BELIEVE... I DON'T BELIEVE... I believe in great teams. I believe in having a great time. I believe in being yourself.

10. WHAT'S ONE DECISION YOU MADE AS A FOUNDER THAT COMPLETELY CHANGED THE COURSE OF YOUR JOURNEY? One pivotal decision that entirely altered my journey as a founder was choosing to stand up for a noble cause, a decision inspired by a deeply personal and profound event - the loss of a very close friend. This transformative experience imbued me with a renewed perspective on the preciousness of time, compelling me to honour their memory by ensuring every moment counts and that we should spend our time wisely with the right people.

11. WHAT DO YOU REGARD AS YOUR GREATEST SUCCESS PERSONALLY & AS A FOUNDER? The greatest success I've had is finding and my business co-founder. Our collaborative journey spans over five years, a testament to our shared commitment, respect, and trust. What stands out in our partnership is not just the absence of conflicts, but the strength we've displayed in standing together during challenging times. Navigating the complex landscape of entrepreneurship, we've faced trials and tribulations, yet emerged stronger each time, turning obstacles into opportunities for growth and learning.

12. WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT YOURSELF AND WHY? Every achievement, every summit scaled, is a testament to resilience and perseverance. However, rather than resting, I find myself standing at the foot of the next mountain, eyes set on the new horizon. This continuous pursuit of growth and improvement is a trait that I deeply value, as it keeps me humble, focused, and ever-striving for greater heights.

13. WHAT'S ONE THING YOU CAN IMPROVE ABOUT YOURSELF, AND WHY DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE NOT DONE IT BY NOW? That is indeed a really good question, one that sparks a deep, internal dialogue. As a founder, my passion fuels my drive, often to the extent that resting takes a backseat. Like many entrepreneurs, striking a balance between relentless pursuit and necessary rest has been a challenge for me. This constant drive, while it propels me forward, also tends to blur the lines between perseverance and overexertion.

To address this, I took a decisive step and relocated to a smaller town in another country, a place where time seems to stand still, offering a much-needed respite from the bustling entrepreneurial life. This move has been instrumental in fostering a space for contemplation and relaxation, crucial components often overshadowed by the demanding nature of startup culture.

I've come to realize that doing less but with more focus can yield similar, if not better results. It's akin to a turbulent body of water settling into tranquility, revealing a clear path beneath its surface. Inner peace and focus often expedite the journey to solutions, a lesson learned on this self-improvement journey.

As to why this improvement hasn't fully manifested, it's a matter of habit and mindset. Changing deeply ingrained patterns requires conscious effort and time. It's an ongoing process, but one I'm committed to as I strive for balance and inner peace in my entrepreneurial journey.


15. ON A SCALE FROM 1 TO 10 - 10 BEING THE BEST. HOW WELL DO YOU THINK YOU AND YOUR TRUTH STORY IS CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD BY YOUR COMMUNITY? ( WHY NOT 10? ) 7, which is actually a good number - Because sometimes I talk too much. ;)

16. WHO DO YOU MOST ADMIRE AND WHY? My family, friends and business partner - because they make my day - every single day.

17. DESCRIBE YOUR VENTURE - ELEVATOR PITCH STYLE? We develop B2B & B2B2C Startups and Scaleups to Hidden Champions and Market Leaders.

K2MATCH is an ecosystem of curated Startups, VCs & PEs , Corporates, Experts, Business Communities & Solution Partners. We provide best-in-class matching services and growth solutions for businesses across multiple industries aiming to achieve your business goals.



20. WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU TREATED YOURSELF TO AND WHAT DID YOU CELEBRATE? I celebrated a recent success with our community.


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