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Truth TIP #6

Community Building Truth TIP #6

Where I share tips on how I organically grew our Co-Found Community, And how You can too!

Our Stories Drive Our Decisions And Determine Our Behaviours.

Most of us are unaware of the many stories we tell ourselves throughout our lives.

They're on auto-pilot; And we don’t take the time to update them.

Identify some of the stories you’re still telling yourself by examining your beliefs first; Because they dictate and mirror your values.

First: Make a long list of what you believe and what you don’t believe ( Start with I… )

Then: Ask yourself these questions to go even deeper.

1. What beliefs do I have that I have not updated recently?

2. How do I still benefit from holding on to these beliefs?

3. What would I lose or gain from letting these beliefs go?

4. How are these beliefs holding me back as an individual and as a Founder?

5. Who else in my life do I share these beliefs with, And how are we co-dependent in continuing to believe them?

6. Do these beliefs still apply to my life today?

7. Will these beliefs still apply to my life 5 years from now?

Remember: With each day that comes, The power is always in your hands to write and rewrite your beliefs and story, So they continue to best serve you, Not the other way around.

Michael L. Usher

Truth Founder I Community Builder I Investor I Writer


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