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Truth TIP #8

Community Building Truth TIP #8

Where I share tips on how I organically grew our Co-Found Community, And how You can too!

Will What I Say Matter To Them?

Will they even care?

These are question that little voice inside ALL of us asks regularly.

INSTEAD: Ask yourself more empowering and informative questions to yield results, such as:

What is my true intention for sharing this?

  • If it’s only monetary: They will feel it and have their guards up.

  • If it’s authentic: They will be more willing to listen.


  • Am I sharing anything of true value for them and their lives. ( Be honest with yourself )

  • Is my opener attention grabbing?

  • Am I triggering them emotionally? Both good or bad.

  • Am I taking them on a journey from beginning, middle to end?

  • How can I engage them in my story? ( use their names )

  • What take-away will they get out of reading or consuming my content?

  • How can I personalize my content so they can see and hear themselves?

  • How can I communicate my message in a way that is most appealing, using my own unique style of writing, voice, tone, and body language?

  • Am I incorporating any credible current events or references that can reinforce my position and intention?

  • Am I being authentic to myself and relatable to them in my appearance, presentation & delivery?

  • How can I creatively trigger their 5 senses?

  • Do I have a strong enough Call To Action prepared that doesn’t feel like selling – But Instead feels like a recommendation from a friend.

Michael L. Usher

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