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Truth TIP #4

Community Building Truth TIP #4

Where I share tips on how I organically grew our Co-Found Community, And how You can too!

They Don’t Care About Your Product First.

You have to share why you built it in the first place.

Then take them on a journey from 0 to 1.

The 0 to 1 Questions are the hardest to answer. But when you can answer them confidently, honestly and clearly, You Become empowered in your Truth and Unstoppable.

Start by asking yourself these questions:

1. Who am I really?

2. Why do I want to be a Founder?

3. Why do I think I am the one to make it a success?

4. Why should they ( your customers ) care about your venture?

5. What experiences have I had in my past to ensure it’s success?

6. Why do I think I will outlast my competitors?

I know these are tough questions… I struggled to answer some of them myself.

Don't second guess yourself, Just be as honest with yourself as you can, And listen for what answers emerge. - The Truth is always just waiting for You when you're ready for it.

Michael L. Usher

Truth Founder I Community Builder I Investor

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