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Truth TIP #3

Community Building Truth TIP #3

Where I share tips on how I organically grew our Co-Found Community, And how You can too!

Why They Believe In You Is Your Motivation.

We all want to matter to someone.

It’s simply human nature.

Remember that feeling you got when someone cheered you on for the first time. It doesn’t matter what you did, But it felt amazing.

It’s been proven that a huge part of the reason that motivates you to continue on your journey as a Founder is because of the people who believe in you and your belief in yourself. – As good as that feels, This can also be a very common reason why many startups die a very slow death.

Periodically do a gut check, Or better, A Truth Check to make sure your heart is still in it, That you step back from time to time and observe your venture objectively, And that you’re making decisions for the integrity of the business first.

BONUS: Ask a close friend of yours, Someone you trust to be brutally honest with you, and give you their perspective of the venture - And even them as a possible paying customer.

Michael L. Usher

Truth Founder I Community Builder I Investor I Writer


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