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Truth TIP #1

Community Building Truth TIP #1

Where I share tips on how I organically grew our Co-Found Community, And how You can too!

Your First Customers Want To Care.

To believe what you believe.

But most importantly, believe in You.

Here are 3 ways to get them to start caring:

1. Be honest and clear with yourself first about your intentions for your venture.

2. Identify exactly what’s driving you. ( and write it down )

3. Start sharing your intention openly and brainstorm possible solutions with potential customers ( take notes )

Michael L. Usher

Truth Founder I Community Builder I Investor

Whenever you're ready, There are 3 ways I can help You:

Our Audience and Reach:

  • Reach: 15,000+ Subscribers & growing.

  • Audience: Entrepreneurs, Creators, Early Adopters.

  • Job Titles: Founder, CEO, and Business Owner.

  • Average e-mail open rate: 55%

1. Discover My Proven Community Building Method: Where I teach you step by step how you can build and grow your community organically using my proven 0 - 5 Co-Founding Method.

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