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Hannah Kübler 🇩🇪

"'My family values and becoming a founder, Is all about embracing my roots and personal beliefs''

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Hannah is the Founder of KULTNOW - A Revolutionary New Social Impact App To Bridge The Gap Between Gen Z & Cultural Institutions, In A Digital & Dynamic Way That's Accessible To All. She has taken the challenge to answer our 20 Truth Questions, For us to get some insight, And learn the Truth about the people behind the venture.

I'm Searching For:

I'm actively seeking investors and mentors as we prepare for our pre-seed round. We're on the lookout for business angels who share our vision and passion for bridging the gap between culture and the younger generation. If you believe in our mission, we'd love to connect.

I Want To Offer:

We're excited to extend our onboarding services to cultural institutions, artists, and event hosts. With our core services already in place, we're ready to collaborate and enhance the cultural experience together.

My TRUTH Story:

1. INTRODUCE YOURSELF IN THE THIRD PERSON TO A CROWD OF 10,000+ PEOPLE? Hannah has defied the expectations of her family's four generations of dentists to become an entrepreneur. Her journey wasn't predestined, but she's embraced it wholeheartedly. She's driven by the opportunity to independently shape her career while making a social impact. The thrill of starting from scratch and persistently pursuing her dreams is incredibly rewarding to her. Hannah's path led her to Zeppelin University, where her story took an exciting turn. There, she crossed paths with her remarkable co-founder, Jojo. Together, they co-founded KultNow, a cultural platform, during Hannah's studies in communication culture and management.

They are on a mission is to bridge the gap between culture and the younger generation, delivering an aesthetically refined app brimming with insider tips. With KultNow, they're ensuring that the vibrant events featured on your hip friends' Instagram stories no longer result in FOMO.

2. WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF A TRUTH FOUNDER? I embody the concept of a "Truth Founder." My authenticity and personal convictions are my strengths. My journey involves leading a venture rooted in my truth story, a clear purpose, and an inspiring mission, fostering a sense of community. Choosing communication over dentistry exemplified my commitment to shaping my own path. Believing in the power of positive societal impact, my passion lies in making culture accessible and inspiring the next generation to embrace it daily. Despite challenges, my unwavering dedication keeps me going. This journey exemplifies the essence of a "Truth Founder," and I'm proud to live it daily.

3. WHAT EVENT OR EVENTS HAPPENED TO YOU THAT INSPIRED YOU TO BECOME A FOUNDER? Becoming a founder was driven by experiences that shaped me. I grew up surrounded by determined individuals who pushed me to be my best. The friendly competition with my sisters taught me to fight for what I believe in and chase my dreams. My family set the stage for this journey. Plus, being in an academic family where everyone had impressive titles motivated me to show that hard work goes beyond conventional fields. I wanted to blend my creativity with a strong work ethic, which led me to entrepreneurship. Every day, I push myself to excel. I aim to make my family proud and make a positive impact while staying true to my hard-working nature. My family values and becoming a founder is all about embracing my roots and personal beliefs.

4. WHAT IS YOUR MORNING ROUTINE & RITUAL? My morning routine has a rhythm of its own that suits my needs and helps me start the day on the right foot. First, I must admit that I reach for my mobile phone as soon as I wake up. This is a habit I want to break, but old habits are hard to break. After a quick phone check, I go to the bathroom to freshen up. Unlike many others, I prefer to shower at night because the feeling of water on my skin in the morning is not really my thing. So, no cold shower for me. When I get ready, I have a Coffee or tea decision. It depends on how I'm feeling and what the day will bring. On the more stressful mornings, I take a quiet moment to enjoy a cup of tea and let its calming effects work their magic on me. My bag is usually packed and ready to go, yet I pack a few more workout clothes in it. This way I can do some exercise at a gym or class on the way home without wasting time or losing motivation.


6. WHY DO YOU THINK PEOPLE SHOULD CARE ABOUT YOUR VENTURE? People should take a keen interest in our venture, KultNow, a social impact startup. We're here to bridge the gap between Generation Z and cultural institutions, making the search for culture exciting and accessible. Our mission is twofold:

Firstly, we ensure the sustainability of cultural institutions by embracing technology, benefitting both these institutions and the communities they serve.

Secondly, we empower young people, fostering a deep connection to culture and encouraging their active participation in shaping its future. For those who value culture,

KultNow is a platform with a purpose – to reshape the cultural landscape and inspire the next generation.

7. WHY DO YOU THINK YOU ARE THE ONE TO MAKE YOUR VENTURE A SUCCESS? I believe I am uniquely well-placed to lead our company, KultNow, to success for several reasons. First and foremost, I am driven by my genuine passion for culture. Being an avid customer myself, I have a strong interest in our vision because it directly aligns with what I seek and value. This personal connection ensures that I am not just building a platform, but a solution that meets my own needs and desires. In addition, my relentless work ethic sets me apart. The complexity of this project does not intimidate me but inspires my determination. The challenges motivate rather than deter me because I see every obstacle as an opportunity to learn, adapt and grow. This mindset leads to a relentless pursuit of excellence. My outgoing personality is also an advantage. Networking, collaboration and effective communication are essential on the path to becoming an entrepreneur. My ability to connect with people within and outside the cultural sphere allows me to build relationships that can drive KultNow's success. Essentially, the combination of my passion for culture, my resilience in the face of challenges and my gift for relationship building makes me the ideal founder to guide KultNow on its path to success.

8. WHAT DOES SUCCESS LOOK LIKE FOR YOU PERSONALLY AND FOR YOUR VENTURE? Personally, success is witnessing Generation Z reclaiming theaters and embracing culture passionately. My vision is to make culture widespread and sustainable, transforming lives through its profound impact on society and education. Building a bridge to culture is my ultimate goal.

For our venture, success means revitalizing cultural engagement for the younger generation. We're focused on inspiring them to embrace theaters and cultural experiences. Our aim is to leave a lasting impact, rejuvenating cultural participation and preserving its importance for the future.

9. ANSWER THESE AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE - I BELIEVE... I DON'T BELIEVE... I believe that women should start more businesses.

I don't believe that women have less potential as founders.

I believe that the cultural scene is lucrative and exciting as a market and is underestimated.

I don't believe that the cultural scene is dying out.

I believe that you have to blindly trust your co-founder to work successfully together.

I don't believe that you don't have to be friends.

I believe that you have to be polarising to be remembered by people.

I don't believe that neutrality and caution will get you anywhere.

I believe that when you face a lot of opposition you shouldn't give up and take it as a challenge.

I don't believe that feedback is always relevant. many people don't care enough and just like to be heard to be right.

10. WHAT'S ONE DECISION YOU MADE AS A FOUNDER THAT COMPLETELY CHANGED THE COURSE OF YOUR JOURNEY? Last summer, we took a courageous move by initiating a fundraising round - a decision that took a lot of guts. At the time, our focus was on a non-profit orientation. However, we came to the realization that transitioning to a for-profit was critical to our success. Overall, it is the small decisions we make every day that have the power to significantly influence our future.

11. WHAT DO YOU REGARD AS YOUR GREATEST SUCCESS PERSONALLY & AS A FOUNDER? My greatest success, both personally and as a founder, is my ability to work with independence. This makes me proud because it shows my motivation and determination to achieve my goals.

12. WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT YOURSELF AND WHY? What I appreciate most about myself is my unique blend of resilience and sensitivity. Growing up with a determined father who taught me the value of hard work and honesty, I've developed a strong foundation. Simultaneously, my emotional and sensitive nature allows me to connect deeply with my surroundings. This combination of strength and empathy feels like a sweet spot, making me who I am today.


One area I consistently strive to improve is my tendency to prioritize efficiency and speed, which sometimes leads to minor mistakes that can be significant. It's admittedly frustrating because I recognize that I could benefit from taking more time and focusing on one task at a time to ensure accuracy. This inclination towards speed might be influenced by the demand for quick decision-making in economics, and it's a balance I'm working on. While I value speed, I also understand that slowing down a bit could help me avoid unnecessary errors. It's an ongoing process of growth and finding the right balance.


Stay true to yourself. A simple piece of advice with a huge message that really gets me.

15. ON A SCALE FROM 1 TO 10 - 10 BEING THE BEST. HOW WELL DO YOU THINK YOU AND YOUR TRUTH STORY IS CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD BY YOUR COMMUNITY? ( WHY NOT 10? ) I'd say around 7. Our community sees our determination and are impressed, but they also think we're a bit crazy for taking on such a challenge. They're supportive, but not many would dare to do what we're doing. We've chosen a tricky scene and a complex product. Still, we believe in it passionately, and that keeps us going. Our community shares our vision but isn't fully sold on the scene's potential yet. That's exactly what we're striving to change – to show them that the cultural scene is worth every bit of effort!

16. WHO DO YOU MOST ADMIRE AND WHY? I really look up to today's female founders who are breaking barriers and reaching the top, no matter what obstacles they encounter. I want to be like them someday – still pushing forward despite challenges. Strong women who stand tall in male-dominated fields truly inspire me. Their determination and courage are something I deeply admire.

17. DESCRIBE YOUR VENTURE - ELEVATOR PITCH STYLE? At KultNow, our goal is to revolutionize cultural education, making it dynamic, digital, and accessible to all. Our primary mission centers on enhancing the accessibility of Berlin's rich cultural offerings, especially for Generation Z. We firmly believe that infusing modern technology and participatory approaches into the cultural landscape is the key to enriching the cultural experience for everyone.


Our mission is to become the go-to cultural platform that not only unites people but also rekindles the vibrancy of the cultural scene. We aim to be the standard, meeting the needs of both the scene and Generation Z, while also resolving pain points and delivering enriching cultural experiences. Our goal is to be the perfect bridge connecting culture enthusiasts with what they seek and yearn for.


After a long day at work, I like to go to the gym. It's my way of relieving stress and recharging my batteries. It's important for me to feel good in my body, and I can achieve that through exercise.To relax, I enjoy a relaxing cup of tea. It's a simple pleasure that helps me relax. Moreover, nothing is better than spending time with my loved ones. A conversation on the phone or a video call with family gives me comfort and support. So after work, I often get sweaty, drink tea and chat with my favourite people. That's my recipe for relaxing and finding balance.

20. WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU TREATED YOURSELF TO AND WHAT DID YOU CELEBRATE? The other day I treated myself to a ClassPass subscription for fancy fitness classes in Berlin. It might sound bizarre, but it was a treat just for me - something I don't need anyone else for. Although I can work out on my own, it was a little celebration of my health and a way to prioritise a balanced mix of work, fun and fitness.


A simple thank you. Thank you for believing in us and always supporting us.


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